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FFL Transfers

Here we try to answer the most common questions received about FFL transfers. If you have any additional questions or comments please call us at 1-630-894-0668

  • How does the whole process work?, and how can I do a FFL transfer with The Gun Doctor, Inc?
    • This is how it works, The Gun Doctor, Inc. works as a shipping address for purchases. You purchase the firearm(s) from an FFL DEALER. We will then send a copy of our FFL to that dealer; they can at that time ship us the firearm(s). Once the firearm(s) is delivered we will contact you to let you know your firearm(s) is in. You then fill out the required paperwork, this includes the mandatory federal form. The waiting period starts at the time you sign the federal form. 24 hours for long guns and 72 hours for handguns. We have to then call the state of Illinois to get an approval number for the transaction. Pending the approval number you can pick up your firearm(s) after the waiting period.

      We will not give out a copy of out FFL or our FFL number; the shipping dealer must have a current copy. We can fax or e-mail our current FFL. Also with every gun that comes in we need to have a copy of that dealers current FFL. If they do not have an FFL we will not do the transaction. When we send a copy of our FFL we will request that the shipping dealer faxes or e-mails us a current copy of their FFL in advance. If we don�t get a copy of their FFL in advance we will not accept the package.

      We will not transact any illegal firearms. We will not waive any waiting period or bend any laws in any way whatsoever!

  • Can you do my Law Enforcement Only (LEO) transfers?
    • Yes, All Law Enforcement Only transactions must be accompanied by department letterhead signed by current chief. We will verify this information.

  • How much do you charge and why?
    • The charge is $48.00 per FIREARM. If you transact 4 firearms at one time the charge is still $48.00 per firearm.

      - We do not care how much you paid for your item that is your business not ours.

      - We do not charge a percentage of the value of your item.

      - We will not charge extra for assault style firearms.

      - We do not charge an extra paperwork fee.

      - We do not charge extra for packaging.

  • How do you send your FFL?, Can it be sent any quicker?
    • FFLs will be sent via fax, E-Mail or standard US mail unless otherwise specified. If you would like our FFL sent next day or priority there will be an extra charge. Charges are as follows.

      Next Day or Express Mailing; the charge is $16.00 dollars; this is guarantees deliver by the US Postal Service. In some rare instances the can only guarantee 2nd day delivery.

      Priority Mail; the charge is $7.00, this is 2-3 day delivery, but it is not guaranteed by the US Postal Service, thus it is not guaranteed by us.

      Next Day and Priority mail are rarely used due to faxing & e-mail services.

  • What is your shipping address?
    • The Gun Doctor, Inc. Shipping address:

      T.G.D. Inc.
      1050 West Lake St.
      Roselle, IL 60172

      ATTN: (Your name here)

  • What information does The Gun Doctor, Inc. need from me?
    • To expedite the transfer process and to avoid confusion please provide us with the following information for your firearm(s) transfer.

      1. Your full Name

      2. Your full contact information

      3. Type of firearm(s) you are acquiring

      4. Shiiping FFL Dealers Name

      5. Shipping FFL Dealers full contact information

      6. How you want the FFL to be sent e.g. E-mail, Fax, or standard mail

      7. The best way for us to contact YOU when your firearm(s) is in. e.g. Phone Number, E-Mail.

      8. We will need a faxed or E-Mailed copy of the shipping dealers FFL in advance of receipt of any package. Any packages that arrive without a current copy of the shippers FFL will be returned to sender.

Now that you have read and understand the FFL Transfer process. Please proceede to fill out our online FFL Transfer form. You can also print our FFL Transfer pdf. Just fill it out and send it in (fax, mail, drop off).


Your Full Name:

Your Phone Number:
Your Email Address:
Description of Firearm You Are Aquiring: / Additonal Notes
FFL Dealer Name:
FFL Dealers Address:
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